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10 Things We Love About Living In the Napa Valley

Love Where You Live
    1. Yes, if you love wine, this is heaven.

      More than 400 wineries dot the fertile soils of Napa Valley, one of the world’s premier viticultural regions and famous for its award winning-world renowned wines.

      For a complete list of all wineries from A-Z, click here: Napa Vintners

      The rolling hills of the Napa Valley vineyards.

    2. Your taste buds will never grow tired of our Michelin Starred Eateries.

      Our Valley is the home to hundreds of top-rated chefs at scores of restaurants who work alongside the farmers who tend this land. French Laundry, Meadowood, Auberge du Soleil, Bouchon, La Toque, Solbar, and Terra are just a sampling of the many eateries to choose from. See Napa Valley Life’s Restaurant Guide for a complete list.

      Downtown Napa at night, on the water front.

    3. So much to do!!

      You’ll find a calendar of events that includes concerts, grand tastings, farmers market, and the list just goes on and on. Go to Napa Valley Life Magazine, a popular magazine and website aimed at people who live, work, and play in the Napa Valley.

      The historic Uptown Theater in Napa, CA.

    4. Our hiking-walking trails are more inspiring than any video.

      Enjoy a picnic with majestic views throughout the Valley. Gorgeous views are boundless. Head to Oxbow Public Market or Oakville grocery to pick up local, cheese, olives, and essentials—wine of course—and pick a new trail, with a new view each week. A few of our favorites:

      The Napa Valley Vine Trail for Biking,
      Bothe Napa Valley State Park for Hiking,
      and Alston Park for Walking.

      To see more, see “Hiking and Biking in Napa Valley – VisitNapaValley.com

    5. Yes, more than just wine…The Arts & Theatre are plentiful:

      Many wineries display large sculptures and often house their own galleries. A local favorite is the Hess Collection.

      The retro newly renovated Uptown Theatre is a converted old cinema that hosts everything from the Beach Boys to David Sedaris.

      For an updated list on events, concerts, and theater, visit “Annual Events” – VisitNapaValley.com

    6. Sweet.

      There is chocolate, and then there is Annette’s Chocolate (anettes.com). Check out the microbrew beer brittle and wine truffles at the popular Chocolate factory in downtown Napa and the Oxbow. Another popular sweet is the pink champagne cupcake from Sift Cupcake and Dessert Bar (siftdessertbar.com).

    7. Looking for the fountain of youth?

      If a day of soaking in amazing mineral water bath sounds like heaven, then check out the many spas in the beautiful town of Calistoga. One of our favorites is Solage. To check out a list of other spas, go to  “Calistoga Mineral Pools” – VisitCalistoga.com.

    8. We love our pets!

      Looking for a dog friendly home? Look no further than Napa Valley. Many wineries have dog mascots that greet their guests, and many of our local dogs are featured in the popular Vineyard Dog Calendar.  A welcoming bowl of water can be found at many businesses when strolling through town with your pup.

      Dog Friendly Wineries – NapaVintner.com

    9. What’s more romantic than a train?

      The Napa Valley Wine Train is popular with both tourists and locals. Just recently introduced is the all new Quattro Vino, a four-stop journey on the tracks for food and wine lovers alike.

      A fun event for your children or grandchildren is the Santa Ride, so sign up early. Another popular stop for kids is the Sonoma Train Town.

    10. Olive Oil Tasting or Wine Tasting?

      One of our favorite essentials in the Valley that we stock up on regularly is olive oil from The Napa Valley Olive Oil Company. The Particelli Family has been making olive oil the old fashion way since 1931, when olives, not grapes, were the valley’s stock in trade. (See “Particelli family does olive oil the old-fashioned way” – NapaValleyRegister.com) There are over half-a-dozen high quality olive oil companies, and most offer tours as well.

This is the Napa Valley. Welcome Home.